Where employee growth happens


    GroHappy helps companies to engage & retain talent by offering employees a platform to proactively unlock their growth


  • Increase self-led learning

    Provide tools that employees love to use

    Employees expect a brilliant, digital experience that many tools fail to live up to. GroHappy gives employees engaging tools to think proactively about how they want to grow, have more valuable career conversations and consider how they can add value to your business.


    Differentiate your employee experience

    Attract and retain the best talent

    Enhance your employee value proposition and show your commitment to developing people for life, not just the career ladder. GroHappy is a scalable solution that helps you deliver a great employee experience and unlock talent at all levels in your organisation.


    Stay relevant

    Keep learning up-to-date in a rapidly changing world

    If 50% of your learning content is developed from scratch by L&D practitioners you're likely missing out. GroHappy helps you tap into a vast network of quality external learning resources that employees are more likely to use - including MOOCs, TED talks, articles, events.


    Focus investment where it matters

    A new lens through which to understand your workforce

    Staff surveys often fall short of helping employers to meaningfully understand their people. While GroHappy is confidential to the employee, we provide anonymised insights into the motivations and development desires of your overall workforce.

  • How it works


    Bite-sized reflections for busy employees

    Employees answer coaching-style questions to reflect on their progress, how they want to grow and their career aspirations


    Curated content to inspire employee growth and action

    Employees are regularly connected to relevant articles, online courses and local events based on their growth needs and aspirations


    A consolidated view to enable more valuable career conversations

    Employees build a visual dashboard of what they've learnt about themselves that they can use to support better career conversations

  • About us

    We believe that everyone wins when employees feel fulfilled at work.

    Karina Brown


    Karina has spent the last 3 years building HR technology businesses to solve important business challenges and spent 4 years as a management consultant at EY.

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    Jim Stichbury


    Jim has over 8 years experience as a management consultant at EY helping organisations to embed people and organisational change.

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    Our brilliant team

    Karina & Jim are supported by an amazing development team and a board of Advisors with backgrounds in HR, coaching, academia and business.

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