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    GroHappy helps companies to keep great people by giving employees the career development they crave.

  • Retain talent


    At Facebook, retained employees had 37% more confidence that they were gaining the skills/experiences to develop their careers.


    GroHappy helps you put great development at the heart of how you retain great people.


    Increase learning


    Your people expect a brilliant, digital experience - why should that be any different for learning & development?


    GroHappy's intuitive platform is designed with the employee in mind - helping you increase learning uptake and ROI.


    Support managers


    Many managers struggle to give their teams the development support they need.


    GroHappy guides managers and empowers employees to take a proactive approach to their development.


  • How it works

    GroHappy's career development platform helps employees get clear on their growth needs, have better career conversations and discover the right learning resources at the right time.


    Bite-sized support for busy employees.

    Employees answer coaching-style questions to reflect on their progress and get clear on their growth needs and aspirations.


    Recommended learning resources at the right time.

    Employees get connected to relevant articles, online courses, events (and more) based on how they are looking to grow and develop.


    Support to have better career conversations.

    Managers and employees get tools to enable effective career conversations that focus on driving shared value for the individual, team and company.

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