When employees lead the charge…

Employee engagement

Switched-on employees are helping their organisations keep up when it comes to employee development.

As the Bersin’s recent reseach (including the graph below) show, individuals are faster to change and adapt than the organisations they work for. As a result they are likely to be more up-to-date with the latest learning technologies.


More importantly, they are likely to be tapped in to quality, engaging learning experiences if they have taken the time to use them in their spare time.

Future of Work – with General Assembly & Coursera

General Assembly recently hosted a ‘Future of Work’ event with Coursera. On the panel was Julia Stiglitz (VP at Coursera), Anand Chopra-McGowan (Head of Europe at General Assembly) and Andrew Palmer (business affairs editor at The Economist).

Traditionally both Coursera and General Assembly targeted individuals looking to learn new skills. Yet both have shared stories about how individuals are introducing innovative learning approaches to their employers.

General Assembly shared that 50% of their course attendees are funded by their employer; ranging from short introductory courses to ‘radical re-skilling’ (for example month-long training programmes to help employees re-skill from print designer to UX designer).

Meanwhile Coursera launched their Enterprise offering a year ago in response to increasing demand from L&D functions in organisations who had received requests from employees for budget to take an online Coursera courses,

With one third of companies increasing investment on learning technologies, more and more organisations are on the lookout for technologies that will help their employees grow and engage with self-led learning.

A good start point for organisations considering employee development tools might therefore be as simple as:

Hey [insert brilliant employee’s name]

Tell me about what you’re currently using to invest in yourself.

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