GroHappy & Adam Labbett: Training for the Ironman World Championships

Company update

GroHappy is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Adam Labbett, 2016 European AG Duathlon Champion who is now competing in Ironman Triathlons. The sponsorship will help Adam with his training and see GroHappy’s brand travel alongside Adam during his races.


A bit about Adam

In his day job, Adam works as a  technical analyst for retirement specialists Just. A role that sees him commute regularly from his home in Basel, Switzerland to Just’s UK-based office. Adam’s spare time is spent preparing for the Ironman, a goal that he has had since 2016.

After being named the 2016 European Duathlon Champion, Adam decided on a new challenge in the form of Ironman. Since then, in August 2017 he placed 18th out of 301 people within his age group at the Copenhagen Ironman. Building on this, in August 2018 he came 7th within his age group (against 312 other contenders). This success was made more significant considering Adam competed with an injured knee, completing the cycling part of the Ironman on one leg.



Reaching the Ironman World Championships

Adam’s goal is to qualify for the Ironman World Championships that take place in Hawaii. He narrowly missed this opportunity in the August 2018 Copenhagen Ironman, coming in just after the cut-off qualification point.

As he explains, “The ambition for me is, and always has been, to compete in an Ironman and ultimately to join those world-class athletes on the start line in Kona.”

The next Ironman qualifier for Adam is on the 21st July 2019 in Zurich. In the meantime, Adam will be competing for Great Britain in the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships on 4th May.


A perfect match for GroHappy

Adam is a perfect match for GroHappy, as an embodiment of continuous learning and improvement. He’s an excellent example of making work ‘work’ for his lifestyle, shaping his career to enable him to pursue his passion and athletic goals. The grit and determination developed through the Ironman challenges have complemented Adam’s work in his day job. Adam consistently works hard to achieve his ambitions, despite some hurdles along the way. That ethos is something GroHappy aligns with, working closely with individuals and organisations to help them achieve their ambitions.

Indeed, there are several lessons that business leaders can take away from Adam’s career and Ironman journey to-date:


Working 5 to 9

Encouraging employees to foster their ‘5pm to 9am’ goals can filter into their working days. What employees do outside of work is as important to support as their learning and development at work. As Adam shows, having goals outside of the organisation can build character and soft skills that benefit their work lives. In the future, it is these ‘human’ skills that will grow in importance and value.


The power of curiosity

Adam has had a varied career path, having been an athlete, DJ, furniture designer and now a  technical analyst. Through this, he has developed many transferable skills that his current organisation benefit from. Encouraging employees to be curious in their careers and to explore different routes can pay-off. It can help to cultivate innovation, highlight novel ways to motivate people and discover opportunities to apply existing or new skills.


Mental health matters

Adam began competing in his late twenties as a way of returning to the sports that he loved when young. Part of his persistence is due to the love he has for his training – he often scales Swiss mountains and swims in the Rhein River to practice. Aside from the physical benefits, Adam has found that training in this way helps with his mental health too. This is a hot topic in many circles due to the rising prevalence of workplace stress, anxiety and depression.


Motivations beyond the workplace

As Adam shows, a well-rounded employee has motivations beyond the office. In sponsoring him, GroHappy hopes to bring his story to leading organisations. To help them realise what can be unlocked among their own people. As for Adam, we wait with bated breath to see the results of his July Ironman.


To follow Adam’s journey, check out his Instagram where he regularly posts images for his training and races.


Photo by Jorge Romero on Unsplash

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