Who needs NPS when you’ve got happy people?


We’ve stopped using Net Promoter Scores with clients. We already know they are happy and if they aren’t they will say so. If our people are happy, then the happiness of our clients will follow.

– Edwin Van Der Geest, MD at Incentro

This was just one of the gems from my chat with Edwin, the Managing Director of a growing digital agency called Incentro which was voted best workplace this year.

Their mission is digital happiness and this means starting with their workforce.

In fact, measuring happiness is so important to them they they built their own app, moodForce to help them collect the data they need.

We could write for pages about their interesting practices; from self-set salaries, to autonomous offices, to self-management experiments.

But at GroHappy we’re most fascinated with how people development works, so here are the some of the insights from Incentro:

Development differs by office

Incentro is made up of separate ‘offices’ with up to 60 people in each office, to keep overheads and processes manageable. Each of these offices runs largely autonomously, which means that learning & development can look totally different between each Incentro office.

Edwin explains that they are constantly experimenting with what works and, with a move towards more self-management, this is likely to continue evolving differently in each office.

Openness and honesty rules

Everybody is very honest about if they are happy or not with how their career is going.

Honesty and transparency is hard-coded into the culture at Incentro, which means there is little incentive for people to be cagey about how they truly feel about work. A radical departure from how many organisations operate today!

Leaders pass on their experience to new Managers

Leadership development takes the form of an internal programme, where leaders share their experiences and learning with new managers. From there, dedicated ‘field managers’ are tasked with supporting team members’ career ambitions and happiness.

While some take up the offer of outside coaching, much of the coaching & professional development happens within the teams.

Incentro is a fascinating example of a high trust, high autonomy company. When research indicates that high trust organisations see 11% greater innovation than low trust organisations, it would appear to be a positive place from which to grow.

Follow Incentro on the journey…

Edwin’s blog, Crafting Empowerment, on Medium is well-worth following to keep posted on interesting practices and experiments at Incentro.

Written by Karina Brown, co-founder at GroHappy

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Header: incentro.com

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